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fazua_logo_black_transparent2(3).pngIt is a new innovative electric assist system for bicycles. The idea and patent originated at the University of Berlin. The battery is integrated into the motor and connected to the gearbox, so that it works very lightly, without resistance, and you can ride the bike without a battery or with a dead battery. You don't feel any spurting or jerking when riding - something we experience in the operation of other systems. The range on a single battery is up to 150 km!






fazua-evation-system.pngEvation is an extremely lightweight, modular and responsive system. Its total weight is just 4.6 kg. This makes it probably the most discreet system for eBikesóon the market. The bottom bracket, drive and replaceable battery is discreetly integrated into the bike. The Evation system is designed for discerning athletes and eBike fans who want to ride gently and have optional support. The lightweight drivetrain is centrally positioned above the bike's bottom bracket. This creates a natural riding experience. The Drivepack can be easily removed and reinstalled in a single movement. You can transform your bike into an eBike in seconds.

It doesn't matter if you want to ride with or without assistance, you will never feel the resistance of the engine. Struggle - just as you would on a regular bike.















fazua-bateria-2.pngAt speeds above 25 km/h, the free wheel completely decouples the drive from the bottom bracket gearbox. The Evation System allows you to pedal without support at higher speeds and without any resistance. You are only supported when you have to cope with the wind or ride up steep climbs. This makes the Fazua Evation System particularly interesting for ambitious athletes who can easily ride at speeds above 25 km/h on flat terrain, but need support as soon as it gets steeper. You can choose from three levels of support: BreezeMode for limited support, for example in a gentle tailwind. Moderate RiverMode and RocketMode when the mountain gets steeper. In addition, there is a neutral mode where the system is completely decoupled and you ride as you would on any normal bike



The manufacturer specifies a battery life of 500 charges (only then does the battery efficiency drop to 60%). The entire system (gearbox, motor, battery) weighs less than 4.7 kg, which gives a huge advantage over other systems.