• Panzer tyre insert - EVO 27,5" Enduro / Downhill

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27.5" Enduro / DH - EVO
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PANZER EVO is a new model of Panzer tire inserts.



Thanks to a 15% weight reduction and a completely new shape, the Panzer EVO has a much greater structural rigidity. With the purchase of each insert, you will receive 125 ml of Panzer sealant in an elegant package. In this way, our offer will become even better in terms of quality and price.



The new GEN3L material has been developed with one goal in mind: to increase the level of protection of the rim and extend the life of the insert itself without negatively affecting the weight of the entire insert, which is extremely important to us. The new material has a great ability to absorb impacts. An additional internal laminate strengthens its structural rigidity and resistance to deformation and stretching by as much as 200%.



Thanks to the new shape of the Panzer EVO, the total volume of the insert has been reduced by 20%. The protection in the area of greatest impact exposure has also been increased and the maximum fit of the cartridge to the rim has been achieved without compromising the ease of installation of the Panzer in the tyre. All these modifications result in an increase in the volume of air inside the tire, which in turn allows for greater freedom in terms of tire deformation.



29 Enduro / Downhill

Weight - + 5%: 90gr

Tire sizes: 2.3-2.6¨

27´5 Enduro / Downhill

Weight - + 5%: 80gr

Tire sizes: 2.3-2.6¨

29 XC

Weight - + 5%: 60gr

Tire sizes: 2.0-2.3¨

Tyre Size 2,0-2,3¨, 2,3-2,6¨
Weight + 5%: 60g, + 5%: 80g, + 5%: 90g
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